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The Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa is a leading national trade and labour market association in the hospitality industry in Finland. It represents a wide range of companies in the hospitality sector: hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, tourism businesses, congress organisors, and wellness service providers, to mention a few. The combined turnover of MaRa’s members is over 85 % of the total turnover of the hospitality sector in Finland.

We create a better operating environment for Finnish enterprises in the hospitality sector

Our goal is to create a better operating environment for Finnish enterprises in the hospitality sector. We work on this goal by influencing industrial policy-making on the one hand and by taking action in labour market issues on the other.

What we do

In the labour market department, our lawyers negotiate four collective agreements and solve labour market disputes. In the industrial policy department, our lawyers deal with a variety of large-scale industry-specific matters. Their tasks range from advising decision makers to safeguarding the interests of MaRa’s members at local, national and EU levels. In addition, both departments provide legal advice and training for our members.

MaRa advises decision makers and acts in positive and pragmatic partnership with the government in issues affecting the hospitality industry. MaRa promotes the image of the hospitality industry in general, bridges the gap between education and industry, and develops talent and careers within the hospitality sector. We also compile statistics and research, and disseminate information.

MaRa compiles statistics and research regarding trends in the Finnish hospitality industry and  publishes the hospitality industry’s leading professional magazine, Vitriini, and owns a sales and marketing company, Restamark, which publishes books and sells equipment for the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.

MaRa in the bigger picture

MaRa is a member of Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). It is one of the largest of EK’s 27 branch associations.

At the international level, MaRa actively works to ensure its members’ interests are met as a member of the European umbrella association, Hotrec, and by working with other Nordic organisations in the Nordisk Besöksnäring (NB) association.

Our members

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Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)


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